Imagine, just imagine for a second: lazing with the pandas, gently swaying in the breeze under the palm trees, taking a yoga class with the turtles, slipping into calm turquoise waters harboring rainbows of fish and coral… Drift away with “Zen”, the new collection from Vilebrequin.

Warm and radiant shades, clean and ethereal cuts, balanced silhouttes and symmetrical motifs that seem to wash over the body… Each piece in the collection was designed to promote a strong sense of self-communion and harmony with our natural surroundings.

An ode to softness written in the present tense, “Zen” conjugates gentle brushstrokes and calligraphy techniques. Each print is a pathway to inner peace and stillness: an anchor patterns emerge from clouds of India ink, seahorses gently whisper to one another, and palm trees begin to surface on the horizon…

Marvel at the infinite beauty of the seabeds, relish the familiar flavor of sardines, feel the wind rush around you, soak up the positive energy of the elements, follow your instinct… The spirit of “Zen” is rediscovering the art of being.