At the turn of the 70’s, something magical happened: a playfully-minded young man by the name of Fred Prysquel brought his youthful spirit to St-Tropez. Directly inspired by his creative energy, the new ‘Magics’ range by Vilebrequin lovingly blends inventiveness and mischief.

The Aqua-Magic series started with a swimwear range that revealed hidden prints whenever water was added. Think of the sheer sense of enjoyment you derive from the first dip of the year! It’s that exact same feeling we wanted to capture through a tender game of hide and seek. In true Vilebrequin tradition and in keeping with the complicity inherent to the ‘father-son’ collection, the ‘Magics’ will plunge dads back into their childhood, much to their boys’ amusement. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Father’s Day than generations of Sun Collectors coming together to share cheerful moments. Because sharing is what keeps the Vilebrequin spirit alive.