#01  Exclusive patterns

#02  Seams stitched with a “feed-off-the-arm” machine with “braided” thread comprised of four entwined strands making the swimsuit as neat on the inside as on the outside and providing a great deal of sturdiness for a long-lasting piece.

#03  Back flap pocket cut and positioned by hand to perfectly match up with the print

#04  Slot at bottom of back pocket to best drain water

#05  Back eyelet holes allow water to drain and reduce the “balloon” effect when the swimmer emerges from the water

#06  Bar tack at reinforcement points to strengthen side and back pockets

#07  Double hems

#08  Zamak tips – an alloy of zinc, aluminum and magnesium – stamped with the Vilebrequin logo

#09  Inner net lining on front pockets allowing water to drain

#10  Exclusive, seamless inner briefs in a 50% cotton – 50% polyester blend. To replace in stores should the needs arise over time

#11  Woven Vilebrequin label on back in center of waistband

#12  Exclusive manufacture drawstring cord with reinforced core so that it keeps its cylindrical shape throughout time.